Why Mayhem

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What is Mayhem?

Mayhem is a cutting-edge, developer-first application and API security testing solution designed to identify defects and vulnerabilities in software code. Developed by hackers, it employs a range of advanced techniques to systematically and comprehensively test applications for potential weaknesses, using the same methods that malicious actors use. 

Why should you use Mayhem?

Mayhem generates thousands of tests per minute, continually learns from past runs to improve coverage, and ensures actionable and prioritized results while integrating seamlessly into your development pipeline. With Mayhem, you can enhance your software's security, mitigate risks, and maintain the integrity of your applications, all while streamlining the testing process and freeing up developers to focus on building exceptional software.

How does Mayhem work?

Mayhem operates through a combination of technologies to comprehensively evaluate your application and API security. By merging fuzzing with our proprietary symbolic execution, Mayhem explores all possible execution paths, generating new test cases to expose unknown defects. Machine learning enables Mayhem to learn from past runs, identifying patterns of vulnerabilities and guiding its testing efforts towards susceptible areas. 

Automated triage and reproduction validate and prioritize results, while regression testing ensures the durability of fixes. With seamless integration into the development pipeline, Mayhem systematically enhances code security, making it a pivotal solution for robust and reliable software development.

Fuzz Testing 

Mayhem employs fuzz testing, a dynamic security testing technique, to expose vulnerabilities and defects in software applications. Fuzzing subjects programs to various random inputs to trigger unexpected behaviors that might lead to crashes, memory leaks, or security vulnerabilities. Fuzz testing uncovers hidden flaws that are often missed by other security testing techniques.

Symbolic Execution 

Mayhem combines fuzzing with our proprietary symbolic execution technology. Symbolic execution analyzes program execution paths by representing inputs and variables as symbolic expressions. This approach allows Mayhem to explore all possible paths, even those difficult to reach with standard testing. By leveraging symbolic execution, Mayhem generates numerous test cases that uncover unknown defects and steadily expands its coverage.

Generative AI and ML

Mayhem learns from previous test runs to identify patterns of crashes, memory leaks, and anomalies indicating potential vulnerabilities. This "smart" fuzzing approach optimizes the exploration of execution paths, focusing on areas historically prone to defects. Self-learning algorithms continually expand test coverage, addressing parts of the code often overlooked by static analysis.

Automated Triage and Reproduction

Mayhem eliminates false positives by automating the reproduction of results. Every identified vulnerability is real, actionable, and reproducible. Automated reproduction recreates vulnerabilities in a controlled environment, allowing development teams to observe and validate issues. 

Mayhem’s automated triage makes resolution easy. Prioritization is based on severity, potential impact, and exploitability, enabling efficient resource allocation for critical vulnerabilities.

Regression Testing

Mayhem employs regression testing to ensure that fixes stay fixed. By running a suite of previously executed test cases against updated code, regression testing prevents the recurrence of resolved bugs after modifications.This process verifies that recent code changes or updates maintain existing functionality without introducing new defects

Seamless Integration

Mayhem works with your existing development process, seamlessly integrating into your development pipeline and operating continuously in the background.

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