Mayhem for Automotive Cybersecurity

Accelerate security and safety testing and meet ISO and UN standards with Mayhem's application security platform

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Mayhem: Your Defense Against Automotive Cyber Threats

Mayhem automatically generates thousands of tests to identify defects in your apps and APIs. Developed by hackers, Mayhem is designed with a sole purpose: to fortify your code against vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit.

Your Defense Against Automotive Cyber Threats

Introducing Mayhem, your ultimate partner in safeguarding your automotive systems from cyber threats. Mayhem continuously inspects your code, identifying potential defects that could compromise your automotive security.


ISO/SAE 21434

By combining self-learning algorithms with fuzz testing, symbolic execution, and exploitability analysis, Mayhem helps OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers deliver ISO 21434 compliance in their development pipelines.

Safety Critical

Deliver on ISO 26262

Mayhem generates thousands of functional tests automatically, and learns from each test performed to maximize coverage. By using Mayhem, organizations are positioned to meet ISO 26262 functional safety requirements.


UN R155 & UN R156

In mid-2021, the UNCE released new vehicle cybersecurity regulations in an effort to keep up with the rapid reliance of digitization within the automotive industry. Use Mayhem as your solution to ensure and accelerate security compliance.


Connect to your embedded systems

Matlab offers a wide range of functions and toolboxes for various scientific and engineering functions. Find out how to integrate your Matlab projects with Mayhem in this short tutorial.


The Hacker Mind Podcast: Hacking High-Tech Cars

Sometimes complex technology doesn't necessarily raise the barrier for entry for cyber criminals. Sometimes, as with our cars, it does the exact opposite.

Case Study

Mayhem Case Study: Advancing Automotive Safety with Mayhem

Learn how an automotive company specializing in automation and safety technology for autonomous vehicles leveraged Mayhem to automate code testing, reduce manual efforts, and optimize their resources.

Put Your Security Testing on Cruise Control