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Mayhem continually uncovers new vulnerabilities in software, helping you identify real risks and stay ahead of attackers

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Aircraft Security

Leveraging Mayhem to Achieve ED-203A / DO-356A

ED-203A and DO-356A do two things: form part of the vulnerability identification and evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented aircraft security measures. Use Mayhem to achieve DO-356A and ED-203A compliance in the federal space.


The Hacker Mind: Why is West Point Training Hackers

Mayhem helps teams ensure critical systems are safe - and secure - by leveraging advanced application security techniques like symbolic execution, generative AI, and fuzz testing.

Software Supply Chain

Navigating Federal Guidance: How Developers are Affected in the Software Supply Chain

In 2021, the White House issued Executive Order 14028, enforcing heightened cybersecurity by requiring rigorous software supply chain reviews for federal processes.

National Cybersecurity

The 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy transfers responsibility to software vendors.

The Biden-Harris 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy, launched in March 2023, shifts liability for data breaches and ransomware to software vendors, incentivizing them to secure their products and provide consistent updates. This strategy aims to foster shared accountability and improved security practices, including the utilization of advanced technologies like Mayhem for vulnerability detection.

Case Study

Why the Department of Defense Chose Mayhem

Learn how the DoD hand-picked Mayhem as the best solution to autonomously test their critical weapon systems applications for vulnerabilities, formulate patches, and deploy them in real time on network.