CVEs Only

Find - and fix - what matters
with Mayhem's Dynamic SBOM

Your Defense Against Automotive Cyber Threats

Introducing Mayhem, your ultimate partner in safeguarding your automotive systems from cyber threats. Mayhem continuously inspects your code, identifying potential defects that could compromise your automotive security.

runtime profiling

Prioritize risk

Mayhem builds a profile of your application as it runs, showing you an accurate picture of the CVEs reachable in your application, and filtering out the noise from static SCA reports.

Open source

Protect dependencies

Identify dependencies that pose the most risk and highlight unused third-party components. Remove unused code and dependencies to minimize attack surface.



Simplify compliance with runtime data for generating attestations and justifications. VEX and SARIF exports and easy integration into audit tools. Deliver on EO 14028, SSDF, NIST and more.