Mayhem for Aerospace/Aviation

Introducing Mayhem, your ultimate partner in safeguarding your aerospace systems from cyber threats. Mayhem continuously tests your code, identifying potential defects that could compromise your security.

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Aviation Standards

Leveraging Mayhem to Achieve ED-203A / DO-356A

These aviation standards evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented aircraft security measures. Use Mayhem to aid you in achieving compliance.


The Hacker Mind: Hacking Aerospace

Can you hack an airplane? A satellite in orbit? Turns out you can. Steve Luczynski and Matt Mayes join The Hacker Mind to talk about the importance of having hackers, vendors, and the government get together and work through problems regarding aerospace security.

Accelerate DevSecOps

Every result is real

Unlike SAST, DAST and SCA tools, Mayhem's combination of techniques verifies every result and delivers a proof of concept exploit to developers - eliminating false positives and accelerating application delivery.

Elevate Your Aerospace Software Security to New Heights.