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No false positives. Continually expanding coverage. Automated regression tests. It's what DevSecOps should be.

“Mayhem made it as frictionless as possible for our engineers to start finding bugs and gain more assurance in our software."

Evan Johnson

Head of Product Security  

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Application Security for the Modern Era

Built by Hackers, Powered by AI

Mayhem was purpose-built to cut through the noise of traditional application security. Combining techniques used by attackers with generative AI, Mayhem tries to break your applications thousands of times every minute so you can find and fix the risks that matter most.

Code Naturally

No Need to Recompile

Mayhem requires neither source code nor changes to your build, code or delivery.

Development Pipeline

Fits Into Your Development Pipeline

Mayhem fits into your existing development pipeline so your developers don't have to worry about security testing on top of everything else.

Automate Test Suites

Continuously Test, Continuously Develop

Mayhem automatically generates and runs thousands of tests, so you can focus on development.

Behavioral Testing

Fail Fast, Fix Often

Behavioral testing means every result is real and reproducible. Skip time wasted on triage and start fixing faster.


Secure Your Apps As You Build Them

Integrate with existing bug and crash systems for faster remediation and secure code releases.

Mayhem Delivers

Using the power of Generative AI, Mayhem creates and runs thousands of tests every minute to identify defects in your APIs and code.


Tests Run






Defects Found


Test Cases

"Integrating Mayhem into our development process was a breeze, only taking a few minutes to configure and deploy…  Mayhem allowed us to easily expand automate testing that would have taken significantly more effort with other solutions.”

Systems Engineer, Cloudflare

Alessandro Ghedini

No code changes or recompiling

Mayhem tests your actual code and not a proxy so you don't need to change your application just to secure it.

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Seamless Integration

Put Mayhem where you need it most, with easy connections to crash reporting, CI/CD, IDE and issue tracking tools.

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