Dynamic SBOM 
& SCA Validation

Mayhem's Dynamic SBOM and SCA Validation is available in limited release as we work with customers and design partners to deliver actionable SBOMs and validated SCA results as seamlessly as possible.

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Why Mayhem

Attack-Surface Aware SBOMs

Traditional SBOMs exhaustively catalog every component in your applications, regardless of use. Mayhem dynamically generates an SBOM at runtime to show you only what matters to your security posture.

Why Mayhem

Eliminate SCA False Positives

Mayhem ingests results from your Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools and validates them against Mayhem's runtime-generated SBOM, cutting out false positives and focusing remediation efforts on what's actually on the attack surface of your applications.

Why Mayhem

Award-Winning AppSec

Mayhem combines dynamic testing with generative AI and symbolic execution to build models of application behavior, identify exploitable vulnerabilities, and validate results so that developers can stay focused on remediation.