Looking Back: 6 Things ForAllSecure Accomplished in 2022

Debra Hopper
January 10, 2023
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Happy New Year from the team at ForAllSecure! As we move into 2023, we are taking some time to look back at our accomplishments and milestones over the previous year:


1. We launched a free version of Mayhem.

In January of 2022, we launched a free version of Mayhem to help individuals and small teams deliver safer, more reliable applications and APIs. You can get started with Mayhem here.  

Mayhem is an award-winning AI that takes the guesswork out of untested code by autonomously generating test suites that uncover defects. Mayhem doesn’t require manual testing and produces zero false positives.

By launching a free version of Mayhem, we are one step closer to our mission of making security testing available to everyone.


2. Our customers created and ran over 300 billion tests with Mayhem.

The power of Mayhem was on full display in 2022 as our customers ran over 300 billion—that’s right, billion with a ‘b’—tests of their applications and APIs. That’s countless developer hours saved, vulnerabilities and bugs identified, and safer applications shipped.  


3. Mayhem Heroes secured over 1,400 open source projects.

In April 2022, we launched the Mayhem Heroes program, working with developers across the country to integrate Mayhem into open source projects to perform automated testing and identify defects. We’ve committed up to $2 million in bug bounty and support funds for developers participating in the program. 

Open source components are vital in nearly every application, but developers and maintainers of open source projects often lack the tools or time to quickly and easily find bugs. The Mayhem heroes program provides a low-effort way for open source maintainers to identify and remediate bugs in their projects without disrupting the maintainer’s preferred workflow.

Over the course of the year, Mayhem was integrated into over 1400 open source projects, and 9 CVEs were found. The program is currently in phase two.


4. We raised $21M in a Series B funding round.

Early in the year, we raised $21 million in a series B funding round co-led by Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) and existing investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA), bringing the company’s total funding to $36 million.

“The DevSecOps industry is experiencing unprecedented disruption driven by the explosive growth of software development and demand for more secure applications,” said Navin Maharaj, Director at Koch Disruptive Technologies. “The company’s cutting-edge autonomous technology is defining the standard in testing and protecting the world’s software. Our investment in ForAllSecure underscores our belief that the company is at the forefront of cybersecurity to protect software and software-connected assets from the increasing threats we are seeing today.”


5. We opened new offices in Boston and New York.

Our team’s been scaling up to support our growing customer base. In 2022, we opened new offices in Boston and New York and brought on new executive leadership to lead ForAllSecure’s next phase of growth. Joining the team in 2022 are Patrick Bishop, SVP Sales, Emma Hooks, Head of People, and Josh Thorngren, VP Marketing. We’re not done with growth yet—check out our open positions!


6. The Hacker Mind ranks on Spotify’s Top 50 Tech Podcasts.

ForAllSecure’s The Hacker Mind podcast, produced by Director of Product Marketing Rob Vamosi, grew from 53,000 downloads at the beginning of 2022 to over 220,000 total downloads by the end of the year. Featuring stories from individuals behind the hacks you’ve read about, The Hacker Mind is about meeting some of the security challenges in software through advanced techniques such as fuzz testing. It gives you an inside look into hackers and their world that you may not have heard before.

The Hacker Mind podcast ranks on Apple’s tech podcast charts in over 70 countries and frequently ranks on Spotify’s Top 50 Tech Podcast chart. The podcast now consists of over 60 total episodes, with new episodes released every two weeks. 

We’d like to thank our team, customers, partners, and investors for your support over the past year. We look forward to continued growth in 2023!

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