Introducing The Mayhem for API Free Plan

Alex Rebert
June 29, 2021
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Today we’re happy to announce that we’re making Mayhem for API free with up to 50 monthly scans, available to everyone. 🎉

Mayhem for API provides developers with reliability and performance data before code gets deployed, enabling them to build quality APIs, faster. Built to enable developers, Mayhem for API delivers meaningful testing results within minutes.  With Mayhem for API, engineering teams can focus on testing results, not the process of conducting testing.

Since we introduced Mayhem for API earlier this year, the response has been phenomenal. Developers have performed thousands of scans on hundreds of web APIs, and have found thousands of bugs. But we’ve also heard clear feedback from solo developers and startups just getting off the ground: You want a plan sized for you!

Until now, if you or your team wanted to use Mayhem for API, you had to subscribe to one of our paid plans. But every developer should have access to API fuzzing. Price shouldn’t be a barrier. We want everyone to be able to ship great APIs that their users love.

With our Free Plan, you can now scan your APIs up to 50 times every month, and find reliability, security and performance issues in your APIs before they impact your users in production.

Teams who need additional scans or enterprise features, or personalized support can upgrade to one of our paid plans, starting at $236/month. We still offer a free 30-day trial of our paid plans, removing all limits. 

For those of you that have used our 30-day Unlimited Free Trial already, you can keep using Mayhem for API by signing into your account and downgrading to the free plan.

Learn more about all our plans in our pricing page, or sign up for our Free Plan.

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