ForAllSecure Releases Newsletter Series: The Hacker’s Guide

David Brumley
April 20, 2021
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Across ForAllSecure’s community engagements, a consistent request we’ve received is for more educational material and general resources around fuzz testing. Although we’ve launched live and digital events and content such as FuzzCon, FuzzCon TV, The Hacker Mind, Chief Product Security Counsel, and Federal Software Security and Assurance Roundtable, your appetite for more material has remained insatiable! 

What can we say? We aim to please. Thanks to your feedback, The Hacker’s Guide to Surviving X newsletter series was born. This themed newsletter series delivers hacker’s guides for surviving, well, life -- whether it's Thanksgiving during a global pandemic or spring cleaning (your code that is).

The inception of The Hacker's Guide started with the intent to deliver carefully curated publication compiling product security and fuzz testing content directly to inboxes. The goal was to help the product security industry feel connected during a time of social distancing. Each newsletter would include: 

  • Latest industry news and trends
  • Quotes and advice from product security veterans
  • Announcements on new open source tools
  • Technical tutorials to read and watch
  • Popular security podcasts episodes
  • Highly suggested articles and books
  • Critical zero-day findings
  • Career opportunities in product security

With each send, we received overwhelming love and support for the content we’ve compiled. It was an easy and quick decision to make this series public, rather than keeping it private to our users and customers.

With that said, I’m thrilled to announce the release of The Hacker’s Guide newsletter series. We’re venturing into new territory! We hope we can count on your suggestions on how we can continuously improve to bring you compelling resources and news directly to your inbox.

It brings me great joy to welcome you to your first The Hacker's Guide issue. Enjoy!

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