Creating ForAllSecure’s Culture During A Pandemic

Lizzetth Bellot
March 31, 2021
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With one year of remote work under our belt, it’s a good time to look back on what we have accomplished in the People space here at ForAllSecure. Zoom lunch meetups and happy hours replaced team lunches and dinners, we celebrated company milestones virtually, welcomed new team members through our screens and slack channels, continued our work to make the world’s software safe, and reimagined what our company culture looks like in this new era of work.  

One of the most important things we accomplished this past year was finalizing our company values. This work is incredibly important to us because our values are the foundation of our team.

ForAllSecure Company Values

  1. Drive: Our hunger for success drives our actions
  2. Respect: We have respect for all. We respect that people will have different opinions and perspectives. We recognize and mitigate unconscious bias.
  3. Accountability: We commit to being responsible, transparent, and accountable in our actions to our customers and each other.
  4. Growth: We have a growth mindset, believe challenges can be opportunities, and ask what we can do 10% better each time.

We know that in order for values to be meaningful they must be lived and not just stated. It is our hope that when we face a new challenge (as we know we will) that we look to our values to guide us in the right direction. Our team is committed to embodying our values and embedding them in all that we do from recruitment to retention to employee recognition programs.  


This past year we learned a lot about ourselves and our resilience in hard times.  Our office environment was a key part of our culture and in a matter of days we went from sharing snacks and sitting side by side to sharing lunch via Zoom. It was a jarring change and one that came with more questions than answers. 

At the start of quarantine, we scheduled daily lunch hangouts and weekly happy hours on Friday afternoons.  Our sales and marketing teams quickly shifted to virtual meetings and events and our engineers worked tirelessly to refine our product.  It was not long before we realized that many of us were working long into the night not just because we love our job but because we welcomed the distraction from all the unknown we were experiencing collectively. 

With the quarantine extending longer and longer, we knew we had to make some changes.  We implemented a “ No Meeting Wednesday” to give us all a break from Zoom fatigue. We also reduced the daily meetups choosing instead to focus on team events that fostered connection and of course fun.  Although we continue to evolve our culture and know that we will iterate many times over, we are committed to instilling our values in all phases of our growth.

2021 And Beyond

2021 is shaping up to be another exciting year for us and we are looking forward to growing our team and introducing more people to our products: Mayhem for Code and Mayhem for API. 

This isn’t to say there won’t be  obstacles (Zoom fatigue is still very real and we really miss our team mates!) but we did discover that while teamwork and collaboration look a little different these days, our resolve to keep the world’s software safe is stronger than ever. 

Interested in working for ForAllSecure? Check out our careers page.

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