3 Ways Mayhem Helps Developers Deliver Secure Code Easily

Debra Hopper
November 10, 2022
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Integrating security testing into your CI/CD pipeline with Mayhem for Code is an easy way for development teams to deliver secure code faster, especially for smaller teams with less resources. 

What is Mayhem for Code?

Mayhem for Code is an award-winning, automated application security platform that helps developers find defects in code before attackers. By combining guided fuzzing with symbolic execution, Mayhem systematically navigates through functions, producing new test cases that are more likely to uncover defects over time. 

Mayhem for Code is built to fit directly into your CI/CD pipeline, allowing developers to deliver secure code quickly and effortlessly. 

3 Ways Mayhem Helps Developers Deliver Secure Code

Mayhem for Code helps developers find defects in code as they build software, saving time by eliminating the need to manually write test cases and comb through false positives, as well as helping find and fix vulnerabilities before software is released.

1. Mayhem Writes and Maintains Test Cases for You

Application Security Testing is typically time-consuming for developers, as they write and maintain new test cases and ensure regression tests. This extra work often prevents teams from investing in modern application security techniques like fuzz testing, despite the benefits.

Mayhem for Code solves this problem by eliminating the need for manual test case generation. Instead, Mayhem’s AI-guided testing engine autonomously generates new test cases and executes them, finding and proving defects without breaking programs, while your development team works on solving higher-level problems. 

Able to learn as it goes, Mayhem builds custom test suites for your apps and works its way deeper into new levels of code over time, continuously searching for new defects. You can access all of its test cases, making regression testing effortless and fast.

2. No Combing Through False Positives

Mayhem for Code doesn’t waste time with false positives, ever. All reported issues are verified with proof of defect. Mayhem finds confirmed, exploitable risks, so your development team will never have to comb through hundreds of false positives again.

After finding a defect, Mayhem for Code guides you through the remediation process with  triaged results, reproduction details, backtraces and automatically generated regression tests. 

By identifying only exploitable defects and eliminating the time your team spends dealing with false positives, Mayhem for Code keeps developers focused on building and shipping features, ensuring fast delivery to customers.

3. Find and Fix Vulnerabilities Before Releasing Software

Mayhem for Code is made for shift-left testing practices, since it plugs directly into CI/CD pipelines to identify defects before you ship code to production. Using Mayhem during the CI/CD process helps developers find and fix defects faster and easier, preventing issues in production and scrambles to patch live systems

Especially for teams that use third-party and open-source components often, Mayhem is a fast way to continuously mitigate inherited defects from these sources. Small development teams will benefit from using Mayhem to proactively secure the software they build, since it looks at how all of your code works together, no matter the source. 

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Try Mayhem for Code free for 30 days and see how easy it is to integrate fuzz testing into your CI/CD pipeline and deliver secure code faster. 

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If you’re interested in learning more about Mayhem for Code, download our Buyer's Guide to Application Security Testing or schedule a one-on-one demo with one of our security experts.

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