ISO/SAE 21434: Leading Automotive Cybersecurity and Compliance with Mayhem

Using Mayhem to Address Key Areas of ISO 21434

ISO 21434 addresses cybersecurity challenges in modern vehicles by providing comprehensive guidelines for organizations, emphasizing a "security by design" approach. The standard has prompted a proactive stance on cybersecurity and risk management in the automotive industry. 

The easiest and most effective way to comply with ISO 21434 is to use automated security testing software that provides comprehensive security coverage for the entire vehicle ecosystem.

Mayhem is an essential part of a successful ISO 21434 compliance program. By intelligently automating software test creation and execution, Mayhem helps teams identify and manage vulnerabilities as required in ISO 21434.

Mayhem helps teams deliver on ISO 21434 compliance in the following areas:

5.4 - Tool Management
8.5 - Vulnerability Analysis
8.6 - Vulnerability Management
10.4 - Product Development
15.7-  Attack Path Analysis

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